Lafayette Papers

Custom designed invitations, personalized stationery, note pads, gift tags…you get the idea.

We love all things printed on beautiful paper.   We create custom invitations for weddings, parties, corporate events and all festive occasions. Choose your card stocks, colors, art elements and fonts.

How it Started

I purchased my wedding invitations from a home-based designer and I thought, “What a great business idea”. A few years later I opened a home-based studio in Dayton, Ohio. I loved it and the business grew quickly but after 4 years, we moved to Cincinnati. Started again and built for two years. Then we moved to Milwaukee with two babies. Took a few years off and then launched papercelebration as a home-based and online. Moved away from weddings and focused more on parties and stationery. Was fortunate to have great success designing holiday cards and they were the focus for many years.

How’s it Going

Fast forward to 2023.

If you are in the Milwaukee area, call for an appointment. If not close by, shop here, the etsy store, or over at the EG site. Contact us with custom design requests. Thanks again for visiting and we look forward to working with you! Connect with us on facebook, instagram  and pinterest. Cheers to many happy occasions!

summer cocktail party invitation