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New Year New Goals – Tips to stay on track

Small actions lead to big Change

At the beginning of each year millions of people set their resolutions for the coming year and are pumped to start the year. Expectations are high as well as motivation.

But the energy fades and most resolutions are forgotten by March! According to research, 25% of people quit their resolution within the first week. Most people quit before the end of January, and only 9% see their resolutions through until succession. How can you maintain the motivation?

How to stay on track?

Small actions lead to big change. Each day do one thing that will help you reach your goal and write it down. As you go through the year, looking back over your progress will help you stay motivated.

I am a big believer in visualizing. Create a vision board of where you want to be.

Creating a Vision Board – Why do vision boards work?

  • They create a space and time for you to tap into the dreams you have for your future.
  • They help in getting these general aspirations into a concrete image.
  • They tap into the unconscious and creative parts of your brain. They are bold and limitless.
  • Vision boards can keep you focused on the big picture throughout the year.
  • They can help you in prioritizing important projects that will help you meet your goals versus non-critical activities.
  • They can help you stay energized and motivated, especially when you feel overwhelmed.

I also love lists and have an ongoing list to stay on track.

Are you a list maker? Here are a few benefits:

  • Increases productivity – Designing and controlling your day
  • Provides motivation – so fun to cross completed items off of the list!
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Allows for more personal time
  • Provides a sense of accomplishment – You did it!!
  • Set deadlines for each goal

Write your new reality.

This one may be out there for some but I can say that it works. Write a story about yourself living your best life after achieving the goal. Write the story as you have already achieved the goal and are living it. Write in the tone of  “I am” instead of “I will”. Describe your new life and how you feel in great detail.

Example: ” I am happy in my new job that allows me to use my creativity and help others. I work downtown in a restored building that oozes with character and history. I have achieved work life balance and able to focus on each 100%.”

Purchase a journal to keep track of daily actions. Small actions lead to big change.


Design the life that you love in 2023 and enjoy the process. “Success is the result of small effort, repeated day in and day out.”  – Robert Collier

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