Party Time! Host a Back-to-School Bloody Mary Bash!

Kick off to a new school year! Host a Back-to-School Bloody Mary Bash!

It’s that time of year when we mourn the loss of summer but look ahead to the beautiful fall days in Wisconsin. School kicks off on September 1 and we get back into the routine of lunches, after school activities and early bed times. Moms are excited for more free time and the chance to spend more time with friends. I have a great idea to start the school year off with an A+ event – a Back-to-School Bloody Mary Bash!

My friend, Lisa, has hosted a Back-To-School Bloody Mary Bash for the past 18 years and it has become a BTS tradition! The party is usually the first Friday of the school year from 9am-Noon. She keeps it simple with a bloody Mary bar and light food. It is a lot of fun to reconnect with other women that you may have not seen over the summer. I have always enjoyed this party and have had the privilege of creating the invitation for many of the 18 years!

I asked Lisa about why she started the party and how she plans the party each year. “I had the first party when Duncan started K5 – he has now graduated from college. This year is Stuart’s senior year at WFB HS and the “last call” for bloodies. Which means, this will be the 18th!!!! (holy cow!).”

“I started it because when the kids are little you spend so much time with other moms, waiting at the school doors, sitting in the bleachers for little league, camped out at soccer, etc but then don’t see them any other time. I’d get so used to seeing people and then the season or school year would end. The party was a way to reconnect after summer vacation & a way to celebrate the return to a more structured day. So I guess it started as that and as an appreciation of “the village” and my love of introducing people who don’t know each other.

It’s a super easy event to host – oftentimes it was held on the driveway. I’ve served everything from a full breakfast to just bagels and the truth is the food is always left over. Plastic cups, paper napkins, straws – very, very simple.”

Now that Lisa’s kids are growing up and moving on, she has launched her own business, Spaces by Lisa Blue, a professional organizing company.

Lisa describes the business as, “I’m able to cull your household chaos – either along side you or while you are away. I find that an organized environment is very calming and I love to help others enjoy that. So whether it’s preparing for a move, a household spring cleaning, or just a sense of being overwhelmed by stuff, I’m here to help.”

Why an organizing business? “Spaces is the culmination of finding a job that I love – had I known there was such a thing as a professional organizer…and that it paid….I would have been doing this for years. I’ve often thought of my role in life is to leave the world a little better than I found it – not realizing that I could translate that into improving the North Shore – one messy pantry at a time.”

Being organized definitely helps when planning Lisa’s party – she invites up to 150 women! If you are looking for a fun way to kick off the school year, host a Back to School Bloody Mary Bash and if you would like to kick off the school year by organizing your home, contact Lisa for help. Her website is

Cheers! I have included my favorite bloody Mary recipe. It is a proven winner!

Best Bloody Mary Recipe
Best Bloody Mary Recipe